Yosemite Anniversary Stories


In 1965, visiting YNP for the first time, a ranger giving a lecture to visitors was asked, “What would you do if you only had 4 hours to see the Park”? Without hesitation he responded, simply, “cry”! George Los Angeles, CA Read More »

Taking License

My daughter was 2-1/2 years old when we were packing to go to YNP. I said, “Alysha we are going to Yosemite.” She responded, we’re going to MY Semite? Yes, Mysemite. Fourteen years later, “MY SMTE” became the subject of her first automobile license plate. Not surprisingly, I found, while researching 7-letter license plates, that similar [...] Read More »

Horse Patrol

To All of You Who Love the Treasure We Call Yosemite– When I was in college, I thought I had the best job in the world. Every summer, for four summers, I worked as a cowboy on a cattle ranch in Sheridan, Wyoming. This was a working cattle ranch and family-owned since the 1880's. I was friends with one of the sons. He invited me to the ranch and they took me in like I was one of the family. Read More »

78 years of love

My parents drove to Yosemite from Berkeley in 1935, when I was 4 years old. They set up camp, and then decided I should be there, too. So, they drove all the way back to retrieve me, and we went every year from then on! Our car had no trunk, so we had things tied [...] Read More »

It’s all astonishing

All my memories of Yosemite are special and glorious. I think of my connection with Yosemite as eras in my life. My early times were spent in the valley with my folks. My mom loved the dance floor at Curry and my dad always got his hair cut at the barber's in the old village site while mom and I went for ice cream next door. We walked into the meadow at night to watch the firefall and over to where the bears were fed garbage and people ringed the garbage dump with cars with their lights on so we could all see. On the way home one night, I got lost with no flashlight and met my first bear up close and personal. Read More »

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